Rumor: More DOA 5 Characters, PS4 Port, Team Ninja To Become PS4 Exclusive

A rumor was started by a Japanese website, Dengeki Online, about Dead or Alive and Team Ninja. The rumor suggests that there will be more DOA 5 characters, a PS4 port of DOA 5, and Team Ninja PlayStation exclusivity.

The day of console version Marie Rose is coming, and we still need more details on the new character, but is Team Ninja planning even more characters after?
“[EX] “5 Ultimate DEAD OR ALIVE: Arcade” the arcade version for home use as “DEAD OR ALIVE 5 Ultimate” is a success thanks to all of you. It also plans to add new characters, or to enjoy in the future!”

Now, you might be wondering several different things:

1. Will there be an Arcade version exclusive to the PS4?

My personal thoughts on this? I think there could be an Arcade Version for PS4, but I think we will get most of the content created on all platforms, just because it is not cheap to add a character.

The audience is definitely still active, and the tournament showings aren’t bad. I don’t see why they would make exclusive characters to PS4 when the PS3 and 360 are more plentiful.

2. Will TN start becoming exclusive to PS4 in the future?

There has already been a huge rumor pertaining to this and I think it’s very possible. Also there hasn’t been a big uproar on the possibility of it.

3. Which characters could next?

With Marie Rose, and another new female on the way we can probably expect someone like Yaiba from the new Ninja Gaiden spin-off, Miss Monday, Irene from Ninja Gaiden or demon boss Tengu from DOA2.

Do you believe all of this, some of it, or none of it? Does this look like the PS2 era all over again? Leave a reply below.

Source: Dengeki Online

3 thoughts on “Rumor: More DOA 5 Characters, PS4 Port, Team Ninja To Become PS4 Exclusive

    • Neco the Sergal says:

      I think you should keep yourself off the PS4. Who wants to play with an ignorant and obnoxious tool like you?

      This cliched line really would go well for you even though I despise seeing people use it in most situations:

      “I’d like to see you make a better game”.

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