Walmart Is Selling Sega Genesis, Reads Carts

A user on NeoGAF by the name of KojiKnight made members of the forum aware that WallMart is selling the Sega Genesis. The console comes with 60 games pre-loaded, and also reads the game carts that were produced from when the console was still made.

I just saw it for the first time yesterday (definitely didn’t have them in store a few weeks ago. I did a search and came up with that image (same box) and obviously the date is from over a year ago so these are no where near new… Having never owned a genesis as a kid (went to a few friends house to play sonic 2), and since it can play real carts, is it worth the $30? How’s the quality? I assume it’s an officially licensed product since Walmart is selling it, but I assume it’s also actually made by a cheap chinese factory and uses software emulation.

To see the Wallmart listing, you may click here.

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