ImperatorWorks Gaming Chairs With Monitors for Sale at Low Prices

ImperatorWorks makes high quality gaming chairs designed for total immersion, including innovative scorpion chairs with built-in monitors. Get the ultimate gaming experience with their ergonomic seats featuring mountable displays, all available for sale at affordable prices.

Premium ImperatorWorks Gaming Chairs

ImperatorWorks uses top-grade materials like real leather and high-density foam to create ergonomic chairs built for long gaming sessions.

  • Genuine leather upholstery for comfort and style
  • Reinforced steel framework supports up to 400 lbs
  • Thick high-density foam cushioning
  • 170° recline range to relax when not gaming
  • Large floor-friendly casters for easy movement

Their premium chairs provide both performance and sophisticated looks to upgrade your gaming space.

Cutting Edge Scorpion Model With Integrated Monitor

The Scorpion gaming chair is a futuristic seat with a 32″ HD monitor mounted right in the headrest.

  • 1080p display and stereo speakers built into chair
  • HDMI, audio and charging ports within easy reach
  • Monitor angle adjustable for ideal viewing
  • Far more immersive than wall-mounted screens
  • Chair lighting synchronizes with on-screen action

This innovative monitor integration takes gaming to the next level.

Affordable Monitor Mount Chairs From ImperatorWorks

ImperatorWorks also offers gaming chairs with monitor mounts starting at just $1099.

  • Bracket conveniently holds up to 32″ monitor
  • Quick release mount makes adding/removing monitors easy
  • Adjustable arm positions screen at ideal viewing angle
  • Well-built steel mount holds up to 17 lb monitors
  • Far more affordable than scorpion chairs

Now you can create a complete gaming station on a budget.

Special Characteristics

ImperatorWorks makes gaming chairs with built-in monitors to provide an incredibly immersive experience. Here are the key features that set their display-integrated chairs apart:

  • Large HD Monitor – Chairs come equipped with a high resolution 32″ to 65″ 1080p monitor mounted in the headrest area. This massive widescreen display fills your field of vision.
  • Integrated Speakers – Surround sound stereo speakers are built right into the chair’s headrest so audio comes from the direction of the visuals on screen.
  • Ergonomic Design – The chair’s seat and armrests are engineered for optimal comfort during extended gaming sessions. Adjustable options allow customizing your seating position.
  • Port Accessibility – The chairs have conveniently located ports including HDMI, USB and audio connections within easy reach. This allows hooking up gaming consoles, PCs and other devices.
  • Display Adjustability – The monitor mount enabling positioning the display at the perfect angle and distance for your viewing comfort. Tilt, height and depth can be tweaked.
  • Immersive Experience – By combining a large screen with surround sound in an ergonomic chair, these setups provide a remarkably immersive experience that makes you feel part of the game.

With their clever integration of comfortable seating and a big-screen display, ImperatorWorks gaming chairs with monitors allow enjoying games, movies and more in a remarkably engrossing environment.

Quick & Easy Setup with Helpful Guides

All ImperatorWorks chairs include clear instructions on quick and easy assembly. Their website also features helpful setup guides and videos for getting your chair ready for action fast. With basic tools and under an hour of time, you can start gaming in your new seat.

Free Shipping on Gaming Chairs

ImperatorWorks offers free shipping within the continental US on all gaming chair purchases. This saves you money compared to sellers who nickle and dime you on delivery fees.

Experience high end features like 4D armrests, lumbar support, and even built-in mounts without overspending thanks to ImperatorWorks affordable prices and free shipping policy.

Transform any room into a tricked out gaming zone with the technologically advanced chairs from ImperatorWorks. Their unique designs enable next level immersion without costing a fortune.

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